SAVE THE DATE- "In Plain Sight: Towards Engendering the Fight for Racial Justice in the 21st Century": Oct 31-November 1

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Towards Engendering the Fight for Racial Justice in the 21st Century
October 31 - November 1
New York, NY (Location TBA)

As public frustration continues to mount over the brutal racial injustices facing people of color, the role gender plays in our approach to fighting racism cannot be ignored. Male centered initiatives such as the White House's My Brother's Keeper (MBK) are perpetuating the myth that women of color aren't also suffering and that racial justice can be advanced by only focusing on half of our communities, and ignoring the systemic conditions we collectively experience. 

Please join us for an event focused on elevating the experiences of women of color in order to build an inclusive and comprehensive racial justice movement. Together we will develop an agenda that prioritizes the needs of all marginalized people and forces the nation to understand #WhyWeCantWait.

Programming will include:

  • Discussing the gendered failures of historical and contemporary racial justice initiatives, like MBK
  • A town hall on Black women in the US that aims to begin discussions on specific groups of women of color in order to elevate our unique and common struggles
  • Exploring and developing next steps for the #WhyWeCantWait Campaign to re-align MBK and advance a systemic and inclusive racial justice vision

We want to hear from you!

  • Participate in a Focus Group: Are you interested in sharing your experience and working to advance the needs of women and girls of color within the broader racial justice narrative in light of programs like MBK? We will be hosting focus groups to learn more about what is happening in your local community.
  • Tell us Your Story: In an effort to elevate the experiences of Black women, we are seeking individuals to share their stories.

TO RSVP, tell your story or join a focus group, please contact: