Ferguson and Beyond: 11/19 Webcast on MBK, Women of Color and State Violence

Join us to learn more about what’s missing from MBK  and why a city like Ferguson can hide behind the President's signature initiative.

Let's work to ensure that MBK cannot be used to obscure the need to dismantle institutional racism in Ferguson. 

Let‘s talk about why the two Black women, Aura Rosser and Tanesha Anderson, who were killed by the police last week have received little national attention.

Let’s interrogate why not placing  women and girls at the center of our racial justice agenda undermines our movement as a whole. 

Join #WhyWeCantWait for our In Plain Sight Rebroadcast and Twitter Chat Series as we elevate the voices of Ferguson activists, racial justice advocates, and family members who have lost women to police violence to highlight the need for a gender-inclusive racial justice movement.


Wednesday, Nov 19
6:00-8:00pm EST (screening)
8:00-9:00PM (twitter chat)