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Features of OpenVPNManager -Tabs control configuration of your OpenVPN tunnels (VPNs) -Tab for local and remote IPs -Tab for different kinds of connections (TUN, MIIO, L2TP) -Backup configuration / server control -Remote VPN management control (possibilities: call and receive SMS, monitor network traffic, restore backup configuration) -Logfile control -Button for saving configuration on SD card -SSH control -Messages control (logging or sending SMS) -Recovery key for OpenVPN interface (possibilities: call and receive SMS, monitor network traffic) -Scheduler (possibility for scheduling connections) Screenshot of OpenVPN Manager Bugfixes and Changes Version 1.1 Updated to OpenVPN 2.3 Added additional settings (SSH control options) Replaced 'Missing' icon with 'OpenVPN' icon Bugfixes Bugfixes in backup configuration Bugfixes in logfile control Bugfixes in filtering Bugfixes in control of more than 1 server or client Added ability to export logfile to MP3 audio format Bugfixes, performance improvements Bugfixes for the Chinese language in the GUI Bugfixes for the version 1.0.0 Bugfixes for the translation Bugfixes for the SMS options Added ability to share local connections to the server Bugfixes in the local IP connections Bugfixes in the encryption Bugfixes in the file upload (the previous upload was missing its functionality!) Bugfixes in the SSH control Bugfixes for the calling of a server with login Added the ability to convert a server from manual to hotkey in the server configuration Bugfixes for the connection and disconnection Bugfixes in the registering of the modules Bugfixes in the re-executing of the servers Bugfixes in the SMS options Bugfixes in the configuration Bugfixes in the online help Bugfixes in the SMS options Bugfixes in the ssh control Bugfixes in the web interface Bugfixes in the VPN interface Bugfixes in the logfile control Bugfixes in the scheduler Bugfixes in the backup configuration Bugfixes in the version 1.0.0 Bugfixes in the in the version 0.2.0 Bugfixes in the version 0.2.1 Bugfixes in the version 0.2.2 Bugfixes in the version 0.2.3 a5204a7ec7

Reviews Yum 3 By Darrol Baker I use The Banana and have downloaded this. It works fine, but takes a bit to get it going. The challenge is to find the version needed for your configuration. I ended up installing version 2.0.4 of V2.0.x & had to use the cli to get it all working. Its usefull and once you get it working its very versatile. Download 4 By Aditya Sharma OpenVPN Manager is a wonderful tool. I am using on my Linux server and have no doubt that it's gonna be the best. It makes my life easy for managing OpenVPN connections. Its performance is just awesome. It handles proxy settings too. Another thing, OpenVPN Manager supports password input either via Username/password or PIN/password. I'd suggest you to download this. Uninstall 2 By Jainakar No uninstall option and it does not ask for password OpenVPN Manager 1 By srmvinayak OpenVPN Manager is very good OpenVPN Manager 1 By sefk Good UI Useful. OpenVPN Manager 1 By rkkharkar Using the GUI (that is different from the command line interface) you have to give your username and password which in turn you enter into the phone that is located on your desk. OpenVPN Manager 1 By ghbi It has no uninstall option so you need to be careful OpenVPN Manager 1 By Mohith After cancelling the software, the computer still runs on the "previous usage session" OpenVPN Manager 1 By sthomu I'm able to login to the server with no issue but the server never really connects. After spending some time figuring out what was wrong. I came across "Risk" it's a Java system "risk" project thats trying to get risk management into you firewall. I tried to set it up my OpenVPN. After using it twice and NOT connecting. I turned off the software and found out it won't terminate unless I do a "kill". As it is a Java program I had no choice but to kill it manually. I'm a novice in all this so I'm not exactly


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