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Pilum is a veteran-owned and veteran-run company, founded by former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel. We members have served with integrity, honor, and valor. We pride our company of holding these same core values. Pilum exists because we believe that former military members bring businesses truly unique skills in working with unknowable situations and complex investigation problem sets. Our investigation skill sets and former military experience go turn in hand. Pilum is Corporate Investigations a full service investigation firm. We offer a range of interrelated services that go hand and hand Corporate Investigations including: Corporate Investigations, Civil Investigation, Financial Forensic Investigation, Full Scope Background Searches, to name a few. Feel Confident, Supported, and Empowered to Carry a Gun. Whether you're a new comer to handling a rifle or a skilled marksman, we offer education and training to ensure you're confident, prepared, and safe when carrying your weapon.



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