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A National Town Hall Series on Women & Girls of Color

Breaking the silence

Launched in 2014, Breaking the Silence is a national town hall series focused on elevating the stories and experiences of women and girls of color.  Through these hearings, AAPF has sought to bring the circumstances facing many women of color out of the shadows and squarely into public policy debates, while helping community leaders develop and advance local agendas for gender-inclusive racial justice. Thus far, we have partnered with local organizations to hold town hall events in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, DC, Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Oakland, Greensboro, and Canton, OH.

Tour Locations:

Atlanta - January 2014

Chicago - March 2014

Los Angeles - July 2014

New York - October & November 2014

Washington DC - April 2015

Baltimore - April 2015

Miami - May 2015

New Orleans - June 2015

Philadelphia - December 2015

Oakland - February 2016

Greensboro - February 2017

Canton - October 2017

Los Angeles - March 2019

Minneapolis - April 2019

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