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Attacks on Critical Race Theory,

Racial Equity, and Anti-Racist Education

Across the country, a coordinated disinformation campaign is being waged against social justice and anti-racist education. State and local bills aimed at censoring Critical Race Theory and the teaching of race and racism serve as authoritarian tools intended to silence those working to hold honest conversations about the full history and continuing legacies of injustice in America. As intended, a climate of fear is spreading like wildfire in state after state across schools, government agencies, businesses, and civil society. 



We want to hear from you! 

Have you, or has anyone in your network, been affected by attacks on racial and gender justice discourse?


Are you an anti-racist educator who has been forced or encouraged to change your practice?


Have you experienced racism in an educational setting or heard of any related effects?

Use the button below to tell us your story.

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