Classrooms are a primary battlefield for the current attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the teaching of truth. In recent months, lawmakers in over two dozen states have attempted to regulate how teachers can discuss racism, sexism, and issues of equality and justice.



What can you do? 

Whether you’re an educator, a student, a parent, or an organization your support is criticalAAPF has teamed up with Black Lives Matter at School and other partners to bring you #TeachTruth National Day of Action/Year of Purpose in honor of George Floyd’s birthday on October 14th through our #TruthBeTold Campaign.

We invite K-12 educators to join us in A Day of Action and the kick-off to BLM at School’s Year of Purpose by uploading a lesson about structural racism that you will teach on October 14th. We also invite educators to take the pledge to teach the truth. And show your support for our October 14th Call to Action by completing our endorser form.

We invite you to our National Critical Race Theory Teach-In: What Faculty Need to Know about Classroom Censorship Laws on October 14 from 3:00–4:30pm ET.  
Our Teach-In will begin with an opening message from Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw followed by a panel with Professors Emily Houh, Valerie Johnson, and Jennifer Ruth. Breakout sessions include The Disinformation Grift about Academic FreedomUsing Shared Governance to Keep Laws Out of Your Syllabus; Doing Campus DEI from a CRT Lens; and Know Your Rights to Teach Truth. To preselect your breakout sessions, register by October 12, 2021.



We invite Higher Ed educators to read and sign our Higher Ed Faculty Open

Letter. We encourage you to review the examples of faculty senate resolutions, engage in using the senate resolution template, and consider adopting similar language at your own university. To sign the Open Letter, please use this form.





There’s no time to waste. If you act, we’ll be able to not only push back against the attacks on CRT and the teaching of truth, but also to lift up the campaigns we are already organizing around and winning. 

Messaging and the Media

Do you need some general tips to prepare for speaking with the media or do you want to better understand the context and issues surrounding CRT? In collaboration with Black Lives Matter at Schools and Zinn Education Project, AAPF has prepared a series of guides and media trainings to unify our message and consolidate our defense of CRT. 

The Messaging Guide was developed by the legal scholar who originally coined the terms “critical race theory” and “intersectionality” and provides a coherent messaging platform for three key stakeholders: public education, racial justice advocates and voting rights activists. 

Media Trainings are a best practice guide for interviewing with media. 

The Media Training 101 focuses on soundbites and short form messaging. The Media Training 201 provides guidance for long form interviews (20-30min). Media Training 101 and 201 are joint projects of AAPF, Black Lives Matter at School and Zinn Education Project. We are grateful to Janine Jackson (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and Chris Nelson (Pyramid Communications) for sharing their expertise.


Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools was created by the Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC) at the NYU Metro Center, together with the African American Policy Forum. This toolkit brings together resources from organizations across the country to help you with media, messaging, advocacy, legislation and more.


Know Your Rights was developed by the National Education Association (NEA). This document provides guidance for educators, informing what they should know about state measures restricting certain instruction on racism and sexism.