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Breaking the silence

An Arts, Action, and Healing Summer Camp

course outline

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Finding the words, raising your voice

Dani McClain

Do you want your thoughts on that recent school board decision or the police shooting that's shaken your community to reach a broad audience? Together we will practice writing news analysis and commentary that has the power to inform opinions and frame the news of the day. Participants will learn how to move from having an emotional response to breaking news to constructing a passionate, well-researched op-ed. You will also learn how to decide where you want your op-ed published and how to write a compelling pitch to make that happen.


Pocket documentaries:

the story is in your hands

Alex Schein & Thea Chaloner

How do you tell stories with images?  What makes a compelling shot?

Smartphone technology gives us all the power to document the world, but not everyone knows how to tell a gripping story. This workshop will give you the basics of guerrilla filmmaking using mobile devices.  From shot composition to editing a strong narrative, participants will learn the fundamentals of dynamic filmmaking. Students will have the opportunity to edit 3-minute film which will be screened on the evening of August 2nd.  No prior experience necessary.

Possible projects might include: a video diary of your camp experience, a photo slideshow of your community, or a digital poem.


Community organizing: a crash course

Cherrell Crown

Participants will take a crash course into some of the basics of community organizing, including how to conduct one-on-ones, the importance of narratives and power mapping. Skills learned in this 101 course will be helpful in planning townhalls. 


Breaking the silence:

town hall development workshop

Kyndall Clark

Over the last several years, activists, community leaders, and other stakeholders around the country have rallied together to #breakthesilence, to #sayhername, and to assert that #blackgirlsmatter. Join us this summer as we aim to expand upon these movements to further advance an intersectional social justice agenda. This workshop will prepare and empower participants to organize and execute a town hall hearing on girls and women of color in their local communities. Participants will learn about capacity building, resource mapping, and testimony development and will be armed with the tools and resources necessary to build a diverse coalition of stakeholders to challenge, disrupt, and ultimately dismantle the systems that oppress girls and women of color.


Reclaiming our tabernacle:  ]

creating a practical self-care plan

for a healthy Temple

Candace Liger

Our body is our church--designed to heal itself and resist forces that generate imbalance and instability. We have to take responsibility to empower a strong, clairvoyant, and peaceful foundation for our temples to thrive in environments toxic to our wellness. This self-care workshop seeks to encourage intuitive, self-healing practices by reconnecting to our body through movement (exercise & dance), nutrition planning, performance,  writing, and silence. Our communal wellness cipher wil operate within the bare essentials of creative expression to enhance survival, self-care, and resistance practices that serve to disempower oppressive systems that lend to burnout. This investment to bravely unpack and explore beyond perceived limitations will inspire the creation of a self-care plan supportive of healthy strategies to reinforce holistic wellness, increase energy, and heighten self-awareness


Truth and poetry

Gina Loring

In this workshop, we will explore how to use poetry and creative writing to empower, heal, and express our truths. All will be encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and opinions in a supportive space where all perspectives are respected and honored. We will give voice to our journeys through various writing exercises, and then put together a final showcase to share all the amazing poetry.


Diaspora: activate your voice through the legacy of african drumming

Afia Walking Tree & Dina Wright Joseph

The drum is a powerhouse for us Africans to remember our inherent nature and connective heritage. Vibrations of our ancient language are codes for our spiritual values, our creation stories, stories of courage, perseverance, and our legacy of liberation. The powah of the drum, dance, song, and story are woven into an intricate fabric for our greatest restoration.

We will witness and share our grief of the racial injustices that is a result of us not being seen as whole conscious humans, and connect with the richness and depth of our collective legacy in a drum orchestra each bringing all our parts to the circle. (no drum experience necessary) 


An actor is a storyteller

Lisagay Hamilton

An actor is a storyteller, a griot, a truthsayer, a mirror and a healer. In this workshop you will learn the power of storytelling. You will write your own story (or someone else’s) and then perform that tale. You will learn that the craft of acting is simply “being”. We will explore what is it to be.


Navigating hurt, loss, and traumas

Dr. Denese Shervington - Mental Health Professional

This psychoeducational workshop will help participants better understand how hurtful experiences (e.g. Resulting from violence, racist and/or sexist micro- aggression, death) result in: negative mood states such as depression, anxiety and/or irritability; and negative cognitions that result in hopelessness and existential despair. Participants will: learn about the impact of traumas on the brain and behavior and explore the stages of loss and grief. The workshop will culminate in participants creating an emotional-liberating art form to replace old trauma narratives.


Breaking the silence mixtape

Tonya Pinkins

Music recreates the heartbeat that surrounded us before we are birthed as beings. When we are impassioned we speak to a beat, we learn to a beat. In the spirit of kid karma, Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton and Kendrick Lamar. We will take the beats that move you and set your story to that rhythm and sound.

Miranda has injected life into the history of the founding of the USA.  By setting it to the rhythms of today.  The familiarity of the music will give the audience an immediate connection to your story and the combination of truth plus rhythm and music will burn your story into their hearts and minds.

Samples: Listen two both of the following to get inspired

Ten Crack Commandments 

Ten Duel Commandments


Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta:

Replayed sample of Bass Mausberg feat. Dj Quik "Get Nekkid"

Resung lyrics Michael Jackson "smooth criminal",

Lyrics James Brown "Payback"

Replayed sample Ahmad "We Want the Funk"

Spotify link 2:28 lyrics jay-z "Thank You"

Direct sample of drums Curtis Mayfield "Kung Fu” 

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