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Dear AAPF Family,

This December marks the fourth anniversary of the first time Say Her Name was mobilized as a rallying cry amidst tens of thousands of protesters during the Millions March NYC. Join AAPF and the mothers of the Say Her Name Family Network in wearing Say Her Name apparel this Friday, December 14th to commemorate this milestone and renew our collective solidarity with family members who have lost loved ones to police violence.

Share your photos with us! Tweet us at @AAPolicyForum

Follow the hashtag #SayHerName this Friday as we celebrate the lives and uplift the stories of Black women who lost their lives at the hands of police. Stay tuned for further announcements on ways to amplify the Say Her Name movement this week.

Coming Soon!

Visit AAPF on YouTube today to view our newest video release on the Mothers of the Movement. Tag your retweets and shares with #SayHerName.

Look out for the 2018 release of our updated report Say Her Name: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women.

Visit Our Online Store

Don’t yet have a Say Her Name shirt of your own? Visit AAPF’s online store today to support the movement.

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Say Her Name was used as a rallying cry for the first time by tens of thousands of protesters at the Millions March NYC four years ago this December. mapquest directions

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