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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Dear AAPF Family,

This December marks the fourth anniversary of the first time Say Her Name was mobilized as a rallying cry amidst tens of thousands of protesters during the Millions March NYC. Over the past four years, it has grown into a global call to uplift the stories of Black women, girls and femmes who have been victimized by state violence, and to demand justice for them and their families.

To acknowledge this momentous date, we’ve premiered a new video, Four Years of Say Her Name.

The video highlights the campaign and some of the remarkable women who form the Say Her Name Mothers Network, a group of mothers who have lost their daughters to police violence. Since its first convening in 2015, the Say Her Name Mothers Network has joined together with AAPF on a number of occasions, marching together at the Women’s March in 2017, lobbying for police reform on Capitol Hill, and collaborating in several focus groups and planning sessions to strategize around the initiative and to assess the needs of new family members who have lost their daughters to police violence.

Join AAPF in commemorating the genesis of the movement by doing the following:

  • Reading and sharing our Say Her Name report update, which includes analysis of the internationalization of Say Her Name and police reform legislation that has emerged from the anti-police brutality movement.

  • Tweeting about Black women lost to police violence

  • Viewing and sharing our new video, Four Years of Say Her Name

  • We also invite you to wear your Say Her Name apparel this weekend to renew our collective solidarity with family members who have lost loved ones to police violence.

  • Follow the hashtag #SayHerName as we celebrate the lives and amplify the stories of our fallen sisters.

Sample Tweets

  • Say Her Name was voiced as a rallying cry for the very 1st time at the 2014#MillionsMarch. Four years on we #SayHerName to uplift the Black women, girls & femmes killed by police. Learn more via our latest video: 'Four Years of #SayHerName'#WhyWeCantWait

  • Today marks the 4 yr anniversary of the #SayHerName campaign. Check out this video from @aapolicyforum: & continue uplifting the names of Black women, girls, and femmes who have been killed by the police

  • “When the lives of marginalized Black women are centered, a clearer picture of structural oppressions emerges. No analysis of state violence against Black bodies can be complete without including all Black bodies within its frame.” #SayHerName

  • Black women comprise less than 10% of the population, yet 33% of women and girls killed by police are Black. Data released by the Fatal Interactions with Police research project indicates that over 57% of Black women killed from May 2013 to January 2015 were unarmed. #SayHerName

Follow the hashtag #SayHerName this Friday as we celebrate the lives and uplift the stories of Black women who lost their lives at the hands of police. Stay tuned for further announcements on ways to amplify the Say Her Name movement this week. In Solidarity, The AAPF Team

Coming Soon!

Look out for the 2018 release of our updated report Say Her Name: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women.

Visit Our Online Store

Don’t yet have a Say Her Name shirt of your own? Visit AAPF’s online store today to support the movement.

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7 Yorum

Anna Kena
Anna Kena
08 May

The anniversary video for the Say Her Name campaign is a powerful reminder of the continued need to uplift the stories of Black women, girls, and femmes who have been victims of police violence. As we reflect on the progress made over the past four years, it's important to also consider how intersectional issues like the rice purity test can further marginalize already vulnerable communities. By centering the experiences of all Black lives, we can work towards a more just and equitable society.


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Anabel Lee
Anabel Lee
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thank you

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