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On November 11th 2016, three days after the 2016 election, AAPF hosted a webinar: Social Justice SOS: What We Need to Know About What Happened, What's Coming and Why We Must Join Together Against Hate. The webinar brought together 13 social justice leaders, including Alicia Garza, Robin Kelley, Eve Ensler, and Mary Frances Berry, to try and make sense of the surprising and distressing election results, and to discuss the implications for progressive movements.

In February 2017, AAPF released the Social Justice SOS Report, which featured three additional interviews, as well as a foreword by Rep. Keith Ellison.  

On the one-year anniversary of the initial SOS conversation, AAPF hosted Social Justice SOS Revisited, an effort to take stock of what transpired since the 2016 election and what progressives must do to continue to challenge and confront legislative and physical attacks on marginalized communities.

SOCIAL JUSTICE SOS 2016: What Happened, What's Coming, and Why We Must Join Together Against Hate
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