Slater, 38

June 10, 2020
 Harper Woods, MI
Priscilla died after allegedly being found unresponsive in her holding cell. The day before, Priscilla had been arrested in connection with a shooting incident. Two supervisors and four civilian aids of the police department have since been placed on administrative leave. Michigan State Police have launched an investigation into Priscilla’s death.
Taylor , 26
March 13, 2020
Louisville, KY
Acting pursuant to a “no-knock” warrant, three plainclothes police officers forced their way into Breonna’s apartment early in the morning and fired over 20 rounds, shooting her at least eight times and killing her. The intended suspect of the warrant, sought in connection with a drug investigation, had in fact been apprehended earlier that morning. No drugs were found at the apartment and Breonna was unarmed. The police initially attempted depict Breonna as a “suspect.”  Louisville has since passed “Breonna’s Law,” which bans no-knock warrants, and Congress has introduced legislation to prohibit such warrants at the federal level. But three months after Breonna’s shooting death, no charges have been brought against the officers involved, as Beyoncé highlighted in her June 14 letter to the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, urging him to act.
Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28

October 12, 2019
 Fort Worth, TX
Atatiana was shot and killed by Aaron Dean, a White police officer, in her home early in the morning. She had been watching her 8-year-old nephew, when she heard noises outside, reportedly retrieved her handgun, and headed toward the window to inspect. Dean had been responding to a “welfare call,” placed by Atatiana’s neighbor to a non-emergency telephone number. Dean has since retired and been indicted for murder.
Crystal Danielle Ragland, 32

May 30, 2019
 Huntsville, AL
Officers shot Ragland, who had a fake gun and yelled at officers to shoot her. Ragland was shot when she was retrieving for the fake gun in her pocket. Ragland may have been suffering from a mental illness at the time. The officers who shot Ragland were cleared of wrongdoing.
Pamela Shantay Turner, 45
May 13, 2019
 Baytown, TX
Turner, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, was shot and killed by police during the course of an arrest. The officer alleged that he spotted Turner and sought to arrest her because he recognized her and knew she had an outstanding warrant for criminal mischief. The officer lived in the same apartment complex as Turner. Turner told the officer she was just walking to her apartment and he was harassing her. Shortly afterward, the officer fired his taser at Turner. While Turner was on the ground, the officer backed away and then shot Turner five times. Police allege that, while the officer was attempting to handcuff Turner, she grabbed hold of his taser and fired it in his direction, grazing him. The Baytown Police Department indicated they knew that Turner suffered from mental illness.
Adams, 47

March 13, 2019
 Greensburg, PA

Adams suffered from schizophrenia and was shot by police while she was on her porch firing bullets at passing cars. Police first fired a beanbag round at Adams before firing lethal rounds at her.
Latasha Nicole Walton, 32
March 12, 2019
 Miami, Florida

Walton, a mother of two, was shot by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper. FHP officials alleged that Walton was driving erratically and that she drove toward the direction of an FHP officer who had stopped her. That officer, Ronald Melendez-Bonilla fired multiple shots and killed Walton. A video of the encounter shows Walton attempting to flee but does not clearly show her driving towards the FHP trooper. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident and Walton’s family and lawyer have called for a DOJ civil rights investigation and have called on law enforcement to release dashcam footage and other evidence.
Brittany Danielle McLean, 26
 March 9, 2019
 Dorchester County, SC
Brittany died while in custody at the Dorchester County Detention Center. She was transported to Trident Medical Center and was pronounced dead.
Angel Viola
Decarlo, 31

 December 18, 2018
 Hopewell, VA

Angel Decarlo was shot and killed by a Hopewell police officer after Decarlo pointed a gun at the officer. Some reports suggest that Decarlo suffered from schizophrenia. 
Webster, 47

December 16, 2018
 Darlington County, SC

April Webster was shot and killed by police who came to her home after Elizabeth Gainey, Webster’s wife, called police to report that Webster was threatening to harm themselves. Police told Gainey that they would use non-lethal methods to calm the situation. Webster suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Tameka Lashay Simpson, 27
December 11, 2018
 Calhoun, GA

Officers near a car Simpson was in at a gas station smelled marijuana and called in a suspicious vehicle. Officers asked Simpson for identification and during the incident Simpson fired shots that struck an officer. Officers shot and killed Simpson.
Phillips, 36

 October 2, 2018
Victorville, CA
Phillips was unarmed when she was shot and killed by San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies. Deputies were responding to reports of a fight at a used car dealership and claim that Phillips was uncooperative and attempted to drive her vehicle towards deputies when she was shot and killed. Family members and an attorney they retained strongly dispute that Phillips attempted to drive towards the deputies or that she posed any threat to the deputies.
Blackwell, 39
September 9, 2018
 Missouri City, TX
Officers responded to a report that Blackwell had murdered her neighbor. When officers arrived at her apartment complex, Blackwell was holding a gun and a knife. Police ordered her to put down the weapons and tasered her before shooting her.
Fields, 60
July 27, 2018
Savannah, GA
Cynthia Fields was shot and killed by Savannah Police. Fields was hit by a stray bullet during a shootout between Savannah police and a suspect from a shooting that occurred earlier in the day. The shootout occurred on Fields’ porch. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident, but not much new information has been publicly released.
LaShanda Anderson, 36

 June 9, 2018
 Deptford, NJ
Anderson, a mother of three, was shot two times by Deptford Police Sergeant Kevin Clements. Police say Anderson was shot after she refused a command to stop and attempted to run over two officers with her car. Other witnesses to the incident stated that Anderson was driving away from the officers when she was shot and killed. Police allege Anderson and two others were shoplifting from Marshall’s and that this led to the fatal interaction.
Shukri Ali
Said, 36

April 28, 2018
 John Creeks, GA
Police shot and killed Shukri, after responding to a report of a woman with a knife. Shukri’s sister had made the call to 911 after Shukri, who had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, had grabbed a knife and exited the family house. Shukri’s sister had stressed to the 911 operator that her sister was mentally ill. Shukri wore a hijab and had heard voices that morning, according to her family.
DeCynthia Clements, 34
March 12, 2018
 Elgin, IL

Clements was shot and killed by Lt. Chris Jensen, a supervising officer. Officers had spent over an hour attempting to persuade Clements to come out of her SUV. Clements eventually set her SUV on fire and came out holding a knife. At that point, Jensen shot and killed Clements rather than waiting for another officer to use a taser, even though Jensen had instructed an officer to draw his taser in case it needed to be used. The Cook County State Attorney announced that Jensen would not be prosecuted, and the city of Elgin hired a consulting firm to determine if Jensen violated department protocol. The report found that Jensen followed the department’s policy on the use of deadly force, but did not follow proper procedure when no medical assistance was given to Clements after the shooting. Jensen was reinstated.
Barnes, 21

 January 27, 2018
 Jackson, MS
Barnes, the mother of two young children and an honors student at Jackson State University, was shot three times by police during a traffic stop. Police allege that Barnes began driving away when the officer who stopped her called for backup and that Barnes then began driving backward toward an officer who was outside of his car. Barnes’ family filed a $10 million lawsuit against Jackson Police Department in federal court and allege that the autopsy results and the police report contradict each other and leave out crucial details. Barnes was shot in the back of the head, back of the neck, and the back.
Geraldine Townsend, 72
January 17, 2018
Tulsa, OK
Townsend was shot and killed by Bartlesville, Oklahoma police officers who were at her home to serve an illegal drug sales warrant for her son. According to the officers at the scene, Townsend came out of a bedroom and fired a BB gun at the officers, hitting two of them with BB pellets.
Guardiola, 48
 October 4, 2017
 Canandaigua, NY
Guardiola was a parole officer who was shot dead while in her bed by an officer who came to her house to perform a welfare check. In a civil rights lawsuit filed by Guardiola’s family, they allege that there was a ten-minute gap between the shooting and when EMTs were called to provide aid to Guardiola, who was still alive at the time. They also allege that Guardiola could not have pointed her service weapon at the sergeant who shot her (as police allege she did), but rather that she was first shot while retrieving her handgun from under her pillow.
India N.
Nelson, 25

 July 17, 2017
Norfolk, VA
Nelson was a nuclear technician for the Navy and was involved in a car crash with her husband, who was in a separate car. Nelson non-fatally shot and wounded him. Police, who had been questioning Nelson when she shot her husband, shot and killed her. The internal review stated that the officers were justified and the department refused to release bodycam footage of the incident. 
Lyles, 30
June 18, 2017
Seattle, WA

Charleena called the police to report an attempted burglary at her home. She was shot and killed by officers responding to her call. The officers claimed that upon their arrival to her apartment, Charleena lunged at them with a knife. She was three months pregnant with her fourth child when she was killed. Charleena supposedly had a longstanding history of mental health problems. A King County judge since dismissed civil charges against the two officers involved. In late 2019, more than two years after Charleena’s shooting, a pre-inquest hearing was held to discuss various legal issues to be addressed in the inquest proceedings. The inquest will determine whether the officers complied with department police and their training when Charleena was fatally shot. 
Block, 27
 May 15, 2017
 Phoenix, AZ
Block was sitting on a park bench and was threatening herself with a gun she was holding. Officers attempted to negotiate with Block, but when she began walking, an officer opened fire on Block and killed her. Block was suspected of committing homicide earlier in the day.
Woods, 21

 March 19, 2017
Gifford, FL

Alteria Woods, who was pregnant when she was shot and killed by Indian River County sheriff deputies, was an innocent bystander to a shootout between law enforcement and her boyfriend and his father. Police allege that Woods’ boyfriend was using her as a human shield when she was shot and killed. Woods was shot ten times, including in the head and chest. No charges were brought against the three deputies, all members of a SWAT team, who shot Woods. Woods’ boyfriend Andrew Coffee IV was charged with her death.
Morgan London Rankins, 30
February 22, 2017
Austin, TX
Rankins was shot and killed by Austin Police Officer Benjamin Rogers after a car chase in which she is alleged to have attempted to hit Rogers with her car. Rogers shot Rankins three times after she emerged from the car holding a knife, but a transcript from after the shooting indicated that Rogers had already pulled his gun before ever seeing Rankins come out of the car with a knife. Rankins suffered from mental illness and had recently graduated summa cum laude from Huston-Tillotson University.
Danner, 66
 October 18, 2016
 Bronx, NY
Deborah was fatally shot by NYPD in her home in the Bronx. According to the police, she was armed with first a pair of scissors and then a baseball bat, but according to the EMT, she had put down the scissors and never picked up a baseball bat. A neighbor called 911 and reported that Deborah was erratic (police had been called to her apartment before). Deborah had schizophrenia. Her shooting was said to recall the death of Eleanor Bumpers.
Gaines, 23

 August 1, 2016
Baltimore, MD
On the morning of Aug. 1, officers with the Baltimore County Police Department arrived at the Randallstown apartment of Korryn Gaines to serve bench warrants on her and her fiance, Kareem Courtney. Earlier, Korryn had been stopped for a traffic violation and was later charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and littering. She took to social media stating that officers threatened her with violence and kept her in isolation. Korryn did not appear later in court, in accordance with the violation. After a standoff that lasted about six hours, Gaines was dead from police gunfire. Her five-year-old son was also shot but fortunately survived.
Williams, 29
May 19, 2016
San Francisco, CA
Sgt. Justin Erb, 45, was identified as the officer who fired a single shot May 19 that killed 29-year-old Jessica Williams. Police officials said Erb and another officer, who has not been identified, suspected Williams of driving a stolen car. Police have said little about what led to the shooting. Before his resignation, Suhr said Williams had driven off as Erb and the officer tried to question her but that she crashed into a utility truck a short distance away. At some point, Erb fired into the vehicle, killing her. Police said at the time that no weapon had been found on Williams but that they still planned to search the car. They have not said what the results of that search were.
Armstrong, 26
 May 5, 2016
 Orlando, FL
Deresha was shot and killed by Acting Sgt. Vernon Brown. Deputies say that Deresha was a suspect in a robbery, and that upon fleeing she and another man exchanged gunfire with another homeowner. They also claim Deresha had a handgun.