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Founded in 1996, the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) is an innovative think tank that connects academics, activists and policy-makers to promote efforts to dismantle structural inequality. We utilize new ideas and innovative perspectives to transform public discourse and policy. We promote frameworks and strategies that address a vision of racial justice that embraces the intersections of race, gender, class and the array of barriers that disempower those who are marginalized in society. AAPF is dedicated to advancing and expanding racial justice, gender equality, and the indivisibility of all human rights, both in the US and internationally. 



CW: The following video depicting police violence against Black women and girls may be triggering, and we encourage viewers to honor their emotional and mental wellness before continuing.

#SayHerName, a short film written and produced by AAPF, seeks to lift up the voices and make known the stories of the Black women and girls so often excluded from the discourse around police brutality against Black bodies. AAPF has elected to show this raw footage because our stories are not only neglected, but often not believed. We must broaden the frameworks by which we understand State violence and we must be honest in our retelling.



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